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Meet The Team

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Team Tiemann
I think it's incredibly important to have people working with me that are every bit as mission focused and uncommon as I am, in order to become your next Tulsa County Commissioner. I learned a long time ago that a successful leader surrounds himself with good people, and I have done just that. So may I introduce to you, Team Tiemann - comprised of Karen & Rich Kerby, Patty and Larry Swanson, my wonderful Campaign Manager Brenda Tiemann, Dr. Bobi Raney, and my event coordinator Kimberly O'Barr. I am extremely honored and blessed to have the love and support of these men and women, as I go forward into the next chapter of my life.

Why Vote For Donny?

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Donny Tiemann & Michael Phillips
The voters of Tulsa County have realized that there are better ways of doing things. They have become wise to the lack of vision shown by officials who are more focused on their next election than what is best for the citizens that elected them. Raising taxes has become the easy answer to almost everything. I believe that the old standard of business as usual, no longer has a place in today's County offices. Fresh ideas and outside the box thinking should be the norm, as we move our County forward with new solutions to old problems. I have the drive, the experience and the ability to lead Tulsa County in this exciting direction, and I am ready to represent District 3 and the entire County as your next Commissioner.  It is only together that we can make this happen, and I am inviting you to join me in this journey. United We All Win !